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100x Growth - Limited Podcast Series

Tune in with Matthew Nix, the 5th Generation owner of Nix Companies, as he unfolds the journey of growing a century-old business a hundredfold in just two decades. Join us for this exclusive nine-part series where Matthew shares insights into the growth of Nix, navigating challenges, building the right team, intentional scalability, financial preparation for down turns, creating value with the business and more.

MakingSparks Podcast

Matthew Nix and Casey Voelker started the MakingSparks podcast to speak to the welding and fabrication industry with a goal to equip and inspire while attracting the next generation. Everyone will have some takeaways from MakingSparks.

Additional Podcast Episodes ft. Matthew

MakingChips Podcast

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Married to Each Other and the Business Part 1 with Matthew Nix
Married to Each Other and the Business Part 2 with Lindsey Nix
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SZN1: Dilligently doing "Due Dilligence" in your Next Manufacturing Acquisition
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