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5th Generation Owner | Nix Companies

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“Before the age of 10, I was sweeping the floors of our little ‘mom and pop’ welding shop. I was so fortunate to work alongside my father and grandfather. Before long I was cutting, welding and learning the tricks of the trade, but more important were the values instilled in me. I learned that an honest day’s work with dirty hands is something to be proud of and that if you take good care of your customers, the rest will take care of itself.

Serving as the fifth generation leader of this family-oriented and operated company, I feel privileged and honored to work with such a talented team and great customer base. These amazing people have helped shape NIX as one of the premiere employers in the state of Indiana, as well as a trusted and preferred supplier of Industrial Products, Manufacturing Services, and Maintenance Contracting throughout the region.”

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What does it mean to be a 'family business'​?

“Is the definition simply that the company is owned by one family? It doesn’t seem to be the case to me. I know some companies owned by a family and managed by outside professionals that don’t look and feel much like a family business at all. Is there a generational component to it? Even though I’m really proud of our 5 generations and feel that it influences our company’s culture in a positive way, I’m not sure that is necessarily what makes it a family business either. I know some first-generation businesses owned by an individual or a husband and wife team that I would certainly consider to be a family business. Does the company have to be owned 100% by “the family” to be a “family business?” ……..” 

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Tune in with Matthew Nix, the 5th Generation owner of Nix Companies, throughout a variety of podcast series as he shares insights into the growth of Nix Companies, navigating challenges, building the right team, intentional scalability, financial preparation for down turns, creating value with the business, and more.

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How Five Generations of Small-Town Values Collided with Big Ambitions to spark One of America’s Fasting Growing Companies.

book Coming Soon

Forging Ahead

How Five Generations of Small-Town Values Collided with Big Ambitions To Spark One of America’s Fasting Growing Companies.