What are we teaching our children by handing them “college funds”?

October 5, 2016

Finally!!! We are gaining some traction.

I read this article today from inc.com. why employers should stop looking at degrees and I love seeing more main stream organizations talking about this. I’ve been saying it for years.

I fully believe, in the next decade or so, we are going to experience the largest revolution in education this world has ever seen. We have millions unemployed and tens of millions of good paying jobs with no skills to fill them. A fourth grader could figure this stuff out! Wake up America!

The higher education system of today and the stigma attached to not attending, is outdated and obsolete! It is failing our employers. We need more trades, highly skilled, and highly technical information roles. None of which are produced cost or time effectively within 4 year schools.

Candidly….my wife and I discussed this, and our children do not have “college funds”, they have “get a leg up on life” funds. If that happens to be higher education, wonderful, maybe it’s investing in a start up, maybe it’s just paying cash for their first home and living debt free. In any case the questions will be the same…”how will this investment make a positive financial impact and more importantly help you find fulfillment in life”.

We mostly all agree, the system is broken. I just hope more parents and administrators will quit sending the wrong message to our kids. It might start with removing the phrase “college fund”.